Luxury Motor Yacht Eclipse Interior Pictures

The Eclipse is a luxury motor yacht with a prestigious history. Before its sale, the yacht was owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It is a 112.8-metre motor vessel built by the now bankrupt German shipbuilder Bremer Vulkan. It is equipped with 10 guest cabins with a capacity of 20 guests and 35 crew members. Its interior design is a work of art, combining contemporary design with old world tradition.

The exterior design of the Eclipse was dictated by the need for a lifeboat. The sheerline steps up at the bow and is straight aft amidships. The freeboard is surprisingly high, allowing for the boats to be supported without compromising the guest experience. It also features a 15-metre pool on the main deck, bringing the total length to 162.5 metres. This is a yacht that can be operated independently from the guests.


The Eclipse has eleven staterooms with separate facilities for the crew and guests. The boat has 6,000 square feet of living space and 600 doors. It is filled with incredible technology, including two helicopter pads, a diving pool, several hot tubs, a disco hall, three launch boats, and a mini-submarine. The superyacht also features a sophisticated missile defense system and an advanced firefighting system.


The interior of Eclipse shows many luxurious details. The luxury superyacht is equipped with four MTU 20V 1163 TB93 diesel engines, which provide a top speed of 25 knots. The yacht has a swimming pool and sundeck on the eighth level. The sundeck is on the seventh floor, and the deck jacuzzi is located on the sundeck. The salon and dining hall are located on the sixth level. The next level gardens the owner’s suite and the guest suites. The second deck has a submarine dock and is designed to accommodate it. Until recently, Eclipse was the world’s largest yacht.


The Eclipse has nine decks, including the top level where the helipads are positioned. There is an atrium and a sundeck on the seventh floor. The main entrance and salon are located on the fourth level. The next level is home to the owner and the guest suites. The submersible can be towed between different locations. Its pilothouse is located on the fifth level. Despite the size of the yacht, it can accommodate three helicopters at once.


The Eclipse is a five-deck luxury yacht with a gross tonnage of around 13,000 tonnes. Its size is not too far behind Dubai, which was 162 meters long and owned by the Russian billionaire. The superyacht is owned by Abramovich, who also owns several motor yachts. Interestingly, the interior of this yacht is a work of art. It is a true work of art, designed to make you feel like a king.