Robinson-Walker Funeral Home

When it comes to the funeral service, there is nothing worse than wondering how to choose the right one for your loved one. You will be left with so many questions and feelings of stress and anxiety. The Robinson-Walker Funeral Service offers a compassionate service at the lowest possible price. All of its services are guaranteed. These include the basic services of a funeral director and staff, a two-color oversize tri-fold large program, a premium batesville casket, a personalized bible, and a Caring4Ever website obituary.

Although funerals are not something we usually plan ahead of time, they are something that we are not prepared for, and planning a funeral can be difficult if you are blinded by grief. A well-planned program will allow you to remember and honor your loved one in a meaningful and personalized way. This includes the gathering place, music, scents, and tastes – all of which are special to your loved one. It will help you remember your loved one and honor them in a unique way.

Jeffrey Alan Wagner passed away in a car accident on February 4, 2022. He was born on October 13, 1961, in New Jersey. He was a long-time employee of Tilcon Mt. Hope Quarry, a kind face at the local Lowe’s Hardware Store, and an avid Harley rider. It is a great comfort to know that he was remembered so lovingly by family and friends. And with the many options available to the family, there’s a funeral home to suit every budget.