Turkish Interior Design – Exotic, Warm, and Earthy

If you’re thinking about decorating your home, Turkish interior design is definitely worth a try. The overall style is exotic, warm, and earthy. It combines bright colors, patterns, and texture. It is influenced by classical and Islamic motifs. The color palette is a mix of earth tones, soft whites, and rich woods. In addition, many Turks love to decorate with rugs and carpets. The popular Kilim rug features the tree of life and Ram’s horn motif.

In addition to the use of natural materials, Turkish interior  incorporates tea culture into the home. Unlike other European countries, Turkish people like to consume a lot of tea. This is one of the reasons why some of their furniture is so beautiful and functional. A great example of a contemporary Turkish design is a patterned rug. This type of carpet is usually white or cream. Using a contrasting colored rug will make it stand out more.

Throughout the centuries, European influences have greatly influenced Turkish interior design. But today, Turkish designers are rethinking the traditions of their country and presenting them in a more exciting manner. Two notable examples of young interior designers are Zeynep Fadillioglu and Cem Ozdemir. The pair designed an airport in Azerbaijan and three restaurants in London. While these examples are quite modern, the Turkish culture continues to attract a large number of international clients.

In terms of style, Turkish interior designers are known for combining traditional and contemporary elements. On the Asian side of the city, Naifdesign is a well-known design studio with highly creative designs. The studio has featured on Design Milk. The company uses recycled materials and innovative techniques to create unique pieces that express the culture and history of the place. Also, Turkish glass is used widely and combines antique and modern styles. Various companies have also been promoting its work and are producing eco-friendly office furniture.

A good example of contemporary Turkish interior design is the I-D store. The I-D Istanbul shop specializes in retro-styled designs. They use a lot of natural wood in their designs, which stands out in an otherwise modern aesthetic. Merve Kahraman, a young designer who studied in New York and Milan, founded her own design studio in Istanbul and now works on international projects. Her style is a mix of traditional and contemporary, making it a great choice for any home.

Turkish interior designers are also known for their unique aesthetic. There is no need to be afraid of a bold design. Turkey is a culturally diverse country, and a strong sense of style will complement any space. In fact, a designer’s aesthetic can be a reflection of their personal tastes and background. It’s important to remember this when selecting a designer. A good interior designer should be able to provide a personal touch and create an environment that reflects the owner’s lifestyle.