Toyota Avanza Interior Design Idea

The Toyota Avanza has an all-new interior design that borrows many aspects from the Corolla Cross and RAV4 in its styling. Its front design is bold with a large trapezoidal grille that extends beyond the headlights and triangular fog lights that surround the front fender vents. The rear of the car is more low-slung, with its D-pillars positioned lower than the windshield. The new Avanza features a centre air intake with a chrome strip that runs through the D-pillars, the headlights and the bonnet.

The interior of the Toyota Avanza features a contrasting dual-toned color scheme and a multi-functional steering wheel. It comes with a six-speaker audio system, dual-knob digital air conditioning controls, and a four-speaker sound system with two tweeters. It has an eight-inch infotainment screen, and it can seat six people.


The second-generation Avanza was introduced in the Philippines in 2006, and it is now available in three grade levels. The J grade was the base model, with a 1.3-litre engine and no power windows, while the G grade had a 1.4-litre engine with a five-speed manual transmission. The J grade was also available without a third row seat. The G-grade was marketed as a metered taxi cab in the Philippines. The 2008 Avanza was given a facelift, and its interior colour scheme was updated, as well.


The new Avanza has a modern interior design that has changed since the first generation. The dashboard and centre console have a streamlined and cleaner look. The Avanza Veloz has leatherette door panels and an ambient lighting strip. The information system is a sleek, nine-inch touchscreen that has an easy-to-use interface. It also comes with a USB port for rear passengers to charge their smartphones.


The Avanza was originally introduced in Indonesia as a multi-purpose vehicle. Its design is similar to the Daihatsu Xenia, but the Avanza was introduced as a front-wheel drive model in the country. Its interior has been designed to accommodate a family, and the back of the car has a front-wheel drive option. It is still a great deal of space for two adults and two children.


The Toyota Avanza has two grade levels, the 1.3 E and the 1.3 G. Both grade levels feature a new design language that is sleeker and more advanced than its predecessor. Its new model is available with more standard features, including the Toyota Safety Sense. The Avanza also no longer uses a body-on-frame platform. It sits on a front-wheel drive unibody design.


The Toyota Avanza is now available in four different colors. The exterior features a nine-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its interior is also much more modern, with a 360-degree camera and automatic climate control. It has keyless entry and six airbags. The 2022 Toyota Avanza is more modern and sophisticated than its predecessor.