house Ideas and Smile Design

There are several different principles in smile design. The first principle is that the shape of the mouth must be proportional to the size of the eyes. Then, the width of the face should be the width of the five eyeballs, plus the distance between the eyebrow and chin. The second principle is that the length of the face should be the same as the width of the upper lip. The final principle is that the shape of the mouth should be equal to the shape of the three parts: the eyebrow line, the lower lip, and the chin. The proportions of these parts should be proportional to each other.

The third principle is that the smile design procedure should be symmetrical. An occlusion is the most important factor in determining the proportion of a smile. A straight and even smile will be more attractive than an obtrusive one. In addition, teeth with asymmetry must be aligned in a manner that makes them look disproportionate. Asymmetry in the face can cause teeth to appear shorter than they should.

The fourth principle is that aesthetics should complement your overall appearance. The goal of a smile design procedure is to give you a beautiful smile that is both attractive and functional. However, you must be a candidate for this procedure if your teeth are not fully developed and are discolored. For more information, visit Dr. Ahmed’s website. The results will amaze you! It’s not just a cosmetic procedure! It can positively affect your overall health and quality of life.