Sierra Pacific Exterior Doors and Windows Offer Modern Design Ideas

The Sierra Pacific brand of exterior doors and windows offers a full line of products that will fit any home or office. With extra-thick aluminum casing and heavy-duty hinges, this commercial door is built to last. The design possibilities are endless, from simple to elaborate, and they are ADA-compliant for accessibility. Other features include an ADA-compliant bottom rail, a low-profile sill, and stainless steel ball bearing hinges and non-removable hinge pins.

For added protection, Sierra Pacific exterior doors are available with an Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat. These multi-step finishes are specially formulated to resist scratching and marring. They also offer advanced protection against moisture. To complete the look, the SIERRA PACIFIC exterior door comes with a charcoal fiberglass mesh called BetterVue. This mesh is woven from finely refined yarns and provides maximum light. Additionally, the SIERRA PACIFIC pivot door has a unique custom approach with a 2-1/4″ thick panel.


Another feature of the Sierra Pacific exterior doors is its multi-step process for applying finishes. The Ultra Stain is a specially formulated paint that resists marring and scratching. It also offers superior protection against moisture. The other feature of Sierra Pacific exterior doors is its BetterVue, which is made from charcoal fiber mesh to maximize the view and the light that enters the room. Both of these features help increase the quality of air in the home.


Decorative panels are a specialty of Sierra Pacific exterior doors. These doors have radius top and bottom panels for a seamless look. They also come in both standard and French sliding options. If you’re looking for the best combination of durability and style, you should consider the UPVC patio door. It is a great option if you have limited space or want a space-saving option. A double-point locking hardware keeps the door secure from thieves and the elements outside.


Decorative panels are a major selling point of Sierra Pacific’s exterior doors. These doors offer a rich, natural wood interior. There are many different styles available, including the French sliding patio door. These doors are space-saving and are available in standard or French sliding designs. Their dual-point locking hardware provides added security. They are also made with heavy-extruded aluminum. This means they are more durable than standard aluminum doors.


The 1/4″ plate mull option provides seamless direct mull to sidelites and transoms. It is approved for combinations of 12′ width and eight’3 height. The exterior of the pivot door offers a low-maintenance finish, while the interior features a variety of styles and colors. A full range of 75 exterior AAMA 2605 finishes allows for customization. You can choose the design and color that fits your needs.