Samaritan House Helps Homeless Women and Children

Since its founding, Samaritan house has helped many people overcome homelessness and major health problems. The organization is dedicated to meeting basic needs, such as the cost of the first month’s rent. It also helps the homeless keep their utilities running. As a non-profit organization, Samaritan House is not constrained by governmental regulations and is willing to consider services that aren’t typically considered for housing assistance. For instance, the organization has helped with water well pumps, structural repairs to dwellings, medical needs, and a range of other items. In addition, it works with other agencies to provide comprehensive programs that serve people in need.

The Samaritan House serves more than 2,500 homeless people each year. Over the past 11 years, it has raised nearly $1 million. The organization also offers referrals to outside treatment programs, enabling individuals to regain control of their lives and start over. As part of its mission to help those in need, the Samaritan house has developed a comprehensive menu of services to help women and their children rebuild their lives.

The Samaritan House Fort Collins has been a resource for women and children experiencing violence. Founded 35 years ago, the organization has evolved into a nonprofit that provides comprehensive services to individuals facing these challenges. Its programs range from substance abuse treatment to primary care, as well as shelter and transitional housing for seniors. It has 14 safe houses throughout Hampton Roads that provide emergency shelter and meals. The shelter is a 90-bed facility where homeless mothers and their children can stay and participate in various programs. During the earliest stages of the recovery process, women and their children are encouraged to work as volunteers at the shelter.

The Samaritan House is a nonprofit organization that partners with the Accounting Aid Society to provide free tax preparation services. These services are offered only on Saturdays and are available until April 15th. Appointments are required, but you can always call ahead to schedule an appointment. After completing your tax returns, you can also receive Salvation Army shopping vouchers, which can be applied toward winter clothes. This program has been providing assistance to thousands of individuals and their families.