Safari Interior Design Ideas

If you are looking to evoke the feeling of the African savannah, you need to incorporate animal prints throughout your room. They can be used in any color scheme, from neutral browns to rich, dark reds. This style is very colorful, and you can even use bright accent colors to add visual interest to your room. It is also important to choose furniture in animal prints, as these are easy to match with most other colors. You can use leather, sisal, or linen for your furnishings. You can also incorporate African rugs and pieces of art on your walls.

The main elements of the safari style are the motifs and colours associated with the continent. This style works well in homes with heavy, dark wood furniture. The look can also be feminine, if you choose lighter-colored fabrics and contrasting tones. The use of a mix of animal prints can give your room a very distinctive look. The style can be as simple or as bold as you like, depending on the details you include.


If you want a more modern style, you can create a modern version of the safari theme. This design style combines exotic influences with classic European interiors. This theme will bring an element of the wild to your home. The main focus of this style will be on using typical African colours and materials. These materials are usually cool and a combination of earthy, bright colours can be used to create a natural feel. In addition, you can also include an elegant fireplace to make your room look as if it were in the middle of a jungle.


When using the safari style, you should remember to keep the color palette neutral, as it will work with most rooms. For example, you can opt for a more traditional look, and decorate the living room or bedroom in animal pelts. For a modern take on the safari theme, you can choose shiny gold accents and spray painted animal figurines to add a touch of glam. This style will be a perfect fit for a child’s room, but it will look cluttered if you use too many animals and plants.


For a more modern look, you can combine the African safari style with traditional elements. The classic style includes dark, and dark woods. In this style, you should use a natural fiber rug or hardwood floors. You can also incorporate animal pelt-style fabrics in the bedroom. They should be bold and eye-catching. If you are able to incorporate a bit of color, they can create a sense of awe in your guests.


When choosing a color scheme for a safari-inspired room, you should stick with a color palette that reflects nature. For example, you can choose earth tones that will look good with a variety of accent colors and fabrics. You can also choose warm hues to accent furniture. A terracotta floor is a great choice for the living room. While browns and whites are the most common shades for the safari-inspired style, you can experiment with different combinations of them and see which works best for you.