Interior Design Ideas and Exterior Design Ideas For Reef Aquariums

A great reef aquarium design idea is to combine large and small rocks in a single tank. Large rocks should be at the back of the aquarium, while smaller ones should be in the front. Take inspiration from different designs by other aquarists, or search for a photo of a live reef. Make sure your chosen style fits your tank and your home. Piling rocks into a wall is an old-fashioned way to decorate an aquarium. Instead, follow these tips to create a WOW-factor in your living room!

You can create a similar look by simulating a natural reef. In this case, you can place the corals above or below the tank, or on the same floor as the tank. In this case, lighting would follow the solar-lunar cycle of the Coral Triangle, increasing to coincide with the sunrise in Fiji and Indonesia, and fading to match the sunset. If you have a shallow tank, you could use two rock islands and a boulder.


To create a symmetrical aquarium design, place corals on alternating lines of the rule of thirds. This will give the tank an attractive look. Another idea to consider is placing corals on the opposite side of the water column. This will provide a focal point for the aquascape. The size and shape of the corals will also influence the look of the reef. Once you have chosen the design, you can focus on the plants and decorations.


While there are many coral aquarium design ideas, there are some things to consider before installing them in your aquarium. The layout of your rock structure is important, and your color palette should reflect the theme. You should start with the base rock and plan the color palette. Then you should decide where the corals should be placed. It is advisable to plant them in a way that they will grow and develop properly. A great color wheel is a must-have tool for coral lovers, as it helps draw the eye around the tank and make the tank seem larger than it is.


An important feature in your reef aquarium is its structure. The spine structure provides mechanical support and is often a common feature. The spine structure can be made of dry rock, or a combination of both. By using two different types of rocks, you can create a dynamic, diverse underwater world. You can also use a variety of colorful corals and fish in your tank. The right combination will make your tank look beautiful and vibrant.


There are many ways to display your corals. A glass floor aquarium with a TV in the middle is a great choice for a centrepiece, but it is important to keep the environment stable. A glass floor is a great option if you want to include a television. However, it will be difficult to keep a television in the middle of the tank if it is not properly supported. The bottom line is that the right location is essential.