Panera Bread Interior Design Revealed

Panera’s interior design focuses on refocusing the brand around its baked goods. The bread baskets are elevated from their traditional form, and the restaurant now has multiple canvases displaying its different varieties. The concept’s new locations use focal elements like fireplaces and outdoor seating as a way to distinguish them from competing upscale quick-casual chains. The designers also added new graphics and architecture to make them unique. It all adds up to a truly delightful dining experience.

The company’s new cafes are reminiscent of neighborhood bakeries. The Next Gen design includes exposed brick masonry walls and a concrete floor. The ceiling trusses are wood, and the bakery ovens are out in the open. This creates an atmosphere that evokes a neighborhood bakery, which is important to the brand. Throughout the interior design, there are plenty of cozy seating areas and comfortable seating for customers to enjoy their meals.


The Next Gen design aims to create an experience that reminds customers of a neighborhood bakery. The brand has traditionally been a chain that brought in bakers only at night to make bread. However, with the Next Gen design, the bakery is open to the public and brings in bakers during the day. The new cafes will feature several ordering methods, including self-serve kiosks, two-lane drive-throughs, and rapid pick-up.


The new menu features a new version of the company’s signature bread and coffee. The design was inspired by changes in consumer behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. The updated Panera looks more like a friendly neighborhood bakery with more familiar touches. With the redesign, Panera hopes to inspire loyal customers and offer new technology and services to make their visit easier and more enjoyable. The restaurant also plans to make its locations more user-friendly.


The new interiors at Panera Bread reflect the brand’s mission to “recreate the neighborhood bakery.” The new interior is designed to create a familiar atmosphere for consumers and emphasize the brand’s iconic products. The new design will include a new “Mother Bread” logo, which was inspired by the changes in consumer behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. It will be a new look that references the original bakery’s history while still using familiar touches. Its goal is to create customer loyalty by using technology to make the visit easier.


Unlike other fast-food chains, Panera places the customer experience first. In fact, the new Ballwin Panera store is 7.6 miles from its original location. This new location tries to elevate the dine-in model by implementing a higher focus on off-premises convenience. The brand has also incorporated more technology to make the experience even more seamless for customers. This includes a digital experience that allows guests to order food without a wait and fully digitized menus.