Olde Pink House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

If you are looking for a restaurant in Savannah that has a history to match its name, look no further than the Olde Pink house. The building, which dates back to 1771, is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Originally built as a home for a planter, the old structure later served as a bank, Confederate army headquarters, tea room, and antique shop. Today, the building is a popular spot for dining and is also home to award-winning restaurants. MPF Architects worked closely with the Historical Society of Savannah to restore the old-world mansion to its original glory, and to double the size of the building.

The menu at the Olde Pink House features a history timeline of the port city. Some dishes pay tribute to the cultural clashes that occurred in the port city’s history. For example, blackened oysters are topped with pickled watermelon rinds. The use of this savory garnish is reminiscent of how the early settlers preserved food for future generations. The collard greens, which are seasoned with pork scraps, are dressed with a variety of flavors and herbs. The Asian seafood fry is a must-order for visitors. Madeira wine from Portugal is available to complement the meal.

While dining at the Olde Pink House, you should also consider the haunting stories of the building. Many staff members and guests have reported hearing footsteps and seeing an apparition of the ghost of Nelly Gordon. Nelly Gordon is a former slave owner who haunts the building and is said to sit at the dining room table wearing a robe and playing piano. The food at the Olde Pink house is delicious, and is an excellent choice for a romantic evening.

The Olde Pink House has a 250-year-old history and is home to several ghosts. It has also been a popular haunted location for ghost hunters and Savannah locals. Among the most popular ghosts, patrons claim to have spoken to the man who hung himself in the basement of the building in 1799. The restaurant’s staff have also reported hearing the spirits of children. They believe these were slave children who died in fires and of Yellow Fever.

The Olde Pink House is one of the most popular restaurants in Savannah. The food is excellent and portions are generous, and the prices are fair. The staff is also friendly and helpful. The upscale menu features fried chicken and southern staples, as well as a stellar wine selection. There are many other reasons to visit the restaurant. Aside from its history, the food at the Olde Pink House is a popular dining option in Savannah.

The Olde Pink House was once called Habersham House for almost three centuries. The Habersham family owned the property, and it has changed hands multiple times. During its long history, the building has been destroyed by fire and been occupied by a variety of warring forces. Despite its age, it is still a favorite of locals and tourists alike. A restaurant’s interior will match its name will reflect the people who live in it.