Newport Coast Interior Design Firms Showcase Modern Design Ideas

For a stylish coastal retreat, the best thing to do is find a Newport Coast interior design firm that focuses on coastal lifestyle and showcasing local designers. Some of the best options are boutique firms with a focus on a particular theme, like a seaside cottage. Others offer full-service interior design, including home staging and custom furnishings. Here are some of the top designers in the area. To see more of their work, read on!

The design team of the interior design firm on the Newport Coast has a unique perspective on the Mediterranean climate and the unique natural beauty of the area. The team at 27 Diamonds Interiors understands the specific tastes of homeowners in this area. Their experience working on Newport Beach homes and in other coastal communities has allowed them to create exceptional, contemporary spaces for their clients. They have been featured on various design publications and magazines and are regularly seen on NBC’s Today Show and Extra!


Christopher James Interiors, based in Costa Mesa, specializes in residential interior design. They can transform a Newport Beach garden into a Tuscan villa, a Cape Cod style home, or a modern Laguna Beach residence. Their team listens to the clients’ needs and wants and creates stunning designs. Their work has been featured in numerous design publications and magazines. You can visit their showroom in Costa Mesa, which is located right near Ikea.


The West Coast interior design style is characterized by strong lines, which help guide the eye throughout the space. Horizontal and vertical lines are especially useful for guiding the eye from left to right. Curved lines help to draw the eye to the focal point, drawing it from the entire room to the rest of the house. These designs create a beautiful impact in the room. They also make rooms feel larger, and the attention of the viewer is drawn to them.


Another Newport Coast interior design style emphasizes symmetry. Architectural elements that emphasize symmetry are more pleasing to the eye, while asymmetrical designs add visual interest. Asymmetrical forms also allow the eye to focus on a focal point. It is important to make the space look spacious, so avoid cluttered rooms with a lot of furniture. Using contrasting colors is also essential. The right color combinations will complement the home’s decor.


In Newport Coast, interior designers showcase modern and contemporary home d├ęcor. Many of these professionals also have years of experience in the industry and can answer all of your questions. Check out the portfolios of different designers and compare their skills. It’s important to find a designer that fits your personality and your tastes. You can also look into the portfolios of interior design companies in the Newport Coast. If you’re looking for a Newport Coast interior design company, you can check out Modern Home Furnishings and their extensive range of modern furniture and accessories.