Nelson Funeral Home Provides Beautiful Floor design Ideas

Nelson Funeral Home has been in business for over a century. The company was founded in 1917 and served the community of Rockingham, North Carolina. The original owners, John and Vera Nelson, retired in 1997. The family continued working in the funeral home until their death in October 2010. The business is located at 1021 E. Washington Street. The Nelson family is committed to providing a personal and dignified service to those who are grieving.

The business is one of the oldest and most recognizable funeral homes in the area. The company was founded by August Nelson, a prominent Swedish funeral director. His goal was to create a comfortable establishment for those who had lost loved ones. The first funeral home in the city was named Wheeler-Nelson, and it was renamed Nelson Funeral Home in December 1979. In 1951, John and Lillian Nelson purchased the second Nelson Funeral Home in Park Ridge, ND.

The Nelson Funeral Home is a convenient location for those who wish to attend a memorial service or attend a wake. The chapels are spacious and attractive, and the funeral home can accommodate large or small groups. The home will also provide space for family and friends to reminisce. The Nelson Funeral Home will help the family plan the ceremony, which will be held at the church of the deceased. The family is grateful for the kindness and respect shown to the loved one.

Troy and Cindy Senger recently purchased Nelson Funeral Home, a long-established community funeral home. Since then, they have renovated the interior and exterior of the home. They feel it is important to provide their families with the most modern facilities possible. They look forward to serving the local community and will do their best to make the service as comfortable as possible for their family. They serve Rockingham, NC. To learn more about the services offered by Nelson Funeral Service, contact them today.

The staff at Nelson Funeral Home is primarily comprised of Mark and Dorothy Nelson. Mark is the son of Sarah Tucker and the late Willie James Nelson. They have four children, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren. They all love to meet new people, work on computers, travel, and read. Currently, the office employs Lowell Rau, who has been with the company for five years. The funeral home also has two other funeral homes.

The funeral home also has a full-time manager, Kenneth Miller, who has been a part of the team since 2002. He grew up in Rockingham, NC. He and his wife have two daughters. They have a deep love for the Lord and are looking forward to providing a “Rendering Service From the Heart” to all of their families. The Nelson Funeral Home staff consists of a team of funeral directors who have decades of experience and are passionate about serving their community.

John Ford is the president and owner of the funeral home. He is married to Fannie M. Tucker and they have two sons. He is a member of Lebanon Presbyterian Church in Ridgeway, South Carolina and serves as an elder and vice president of the mens council. He is retired from Allied Signal/Honeywell. He and Jackie are very active in the community and enjoy traveling and reading. He and his wife are dedicated to providing exceptional service for their community.

Proof of the deceased person’s death must be provided to establish the family’s identity. A copy of the deceased individual’s death certificate should indicate the cause of death. If the deceased person died of COVID-19, the death certificate must reflect this. The phrases “highly likely” and “may” are also sufficient. The applicant must also provide proof of funeral expenses, including a written statement from the deceased individual’s last months. The name of the deceased person should also be included in the document. The amount of the expenses should be specified.