Lucky Bamboo – Interior Design Idea, Exterior Design Idea

Growing a lucky bamboo plant at home is surprisingly easy, and it requires minimal care. Its growing conditions are light, water, potting soil, fertilizer, and temperature. Lucky bamboo plants are available in a wide variety of shapes, and you can buy them ready-made or cut them yourself. However, cutting the plant into your desired shape can take a significant amount of time. It does best in indirect sunlight, and it can be very difficult to get the desired shape.

Another option for displaying lucky bamboo is in a glass vase. It can be planted in a plain glass vase, or in an ornate vase to enhance its looks. This plant is hardy, and it requires only basic care. Its long stems can be pruned into different shapes, such as dragons, to attract more good luck. Moreover, it can be grown in any shape and style, including round, square, and triangular ones.


Lucky bamboo is easily propagated by clipping an offshoot from an existing, healthy parent stalk. This stalk should have two or more bamboo segments. Remove the offshoot and place it in a small pot of water. Nurture it to grow into a larger plant. By pruning a mature plant and planting it in a glass bowl, you can create unique designs. A potted plant is the most common way to train this plant, but you can also use melted wax to cover the stem of a broken vase.


You can also plant a lucky bamboo in a decorative vase filled with water. While it is a one-time investment, you can be sure it will thrive for years. The bamboo plant is a great choice to decorate a bathroom, as it will define the opening between the bathroom and the rest of the garden. Moreover, you can use it as a plant for defining the opening of your bathroom. It grows best in an opaque container.


In addition to enhancing your home’s feng shui, lucky bamboo is a popular household plant. Its symbolism is based on the number of stalks. A two-stem lucky bamboo symbolizes love and wealth. Five-stem lucky bamboos symbolize health and wealth. A single stalk represents wealth. Adding a single stem to a room is very powerful, but the entire design will bring you great fortune.


One of the most popular lucky bamboo designs is intertwined. If you are able to find three potted stalks, you can create an attractive braided effect. You should first prune the bottom stalks so that they’re half an inch apart. Then, cross the right and left stalks over each other and continue braiding until they reach four or five inches in height. This will make the entire design look very harmonious.