Lebanese Interior Design Style

The Lebanese interior design style is an eclectic blend of modern and traditional elements. For example, there is a large Ziegler rug in the living room. My wife and I chose it for several reasons, but the rug was especially important to us. We love antique rugs, and this rug had special meaning to her. She also loves the color red. But despite its obvious historical significance, the Ziegler rug doesn’t seem to have any connection to the region’s history.

The Lebanese use wood to create their homes and other architectural elements. Most of them use wood in their interiors, so they tend to have a wood-rich aesthetic. Arabic furniture, for example, is common in upper-class rural homes. Most pieces of furniture have mosaic patterns and carved lines. However, foreign-style furniture, which is based on French woodwork, is mostly found in old Lebanese mansions and city apartments. Sometimes, homeowners mix the two styles.


While the Lebanese prefer a wood-rich aesthetic, they are not confined to this. You can also find examples of foreign-style furniture in their homes. For example, lantern-style chandeliers are common in rural gardens. These chandeliers add a rustic feel to outdoor seating. The Lebanese countryside is often seen through these windows, which add to the overall experience. Adding a lantern-style chandelier to your home’s exterior is a great way to bring the rural feeling inside.


The Beirut apartment of an art collector is an excellent example of how art can affect the decoration of a room. The apartment features a changing display of his prized works. The living room features a huge Will Martyr painting, along with a sculpture by Justine Mahoney. The living room also boasts a large sculpture by the late British artist. This is the epitome of Lebanese interior design.


The art in a room can have a dramatic effect on the room’s decor. An art lover’s apartment in Beirut is decorated with a mix of modern and classic pieces. The living room is a perfect example of how art can change the mood of a room. One can create a space that is intimate while at the same time being contemporary and sophisticated. This design style is a blend of modern and classical elements.


A Beirut home is full of culture and art. Its interior design style is highly decorative and reflects the city’s rich history. It is unique and demonstrates the city’s diversity and uniqueness. The Lebanese style is a very popular interior design style. There is no reason you can’t make your home look beautiful. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate an international theme into your home.