KI Design – modern house Ideas With a Slide

One of the main features of the Kiev apartment designed by KI design is a slide connecting two levels. The apartment is located on the uppermost level of a building from the early 20th century. The building had an upper floor that was not being used, so the staircase was redesigned so that it could run alongside the slide. The slide travels from the upper level to the lower level, past the living room and kitchen. The space was created to be more functional, while still maintaining a sense of personalization.

The designers could set context, content and user data using the KI framework. KI can also optimise smaller design processes, thereby freeing up designers to focus on more complex creative tasks. For instance, the programmes of KI-gestutzte (KI-gestutzte) allow the creation of style guides and design systems without the need for manual labour. The software can also create individual designs. Currently, Ki Design is using Maander technology to generate individual patterns.

The studio’s first KI project is a contemporary house in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The home has two floors and a slide to link them. The first floor houses the living room, dining room, kitchen, and future children’s rooms. The second floor houses the master bedroom and guest bedroom. The third floor has an office. The interiors are minimalist with a hint of color accents in the textiles. This is an excellent way to create a home that has a unique design.

KI’s ‘Colonnade’ modular system is also available in two different sizes and finishes. With its versatile functionality and versatility, this system is a smart choice for workplaces in the future. The design was developed with one of KI’s largest clients and redefines the open plan office. There is no need to feel restricted in a cubicle if you want to work from anywhere. You will be more productive in this space if you can move around freely, and you’ll be able to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.

KI DESIGN specializes in the painting of saltos and solados. The company has seven years of experience in the market and has a loyal following throughout Brazil. It uses proprietary equipment and has a young and flexible management style. It seeks to build long-term relationships with its clients and aims to meet their high standards. You’ll be surprised at how much work goes into designing a new kitchen or bathroom and the results can be amazing.

KI’s modular system allows you to create a wide variety of designs. There are no paywalls or limits. This system features a library of schematic symbols and enables you to create professional PCB layouts with up to 32 copper layers. The push and shove router is capable of routing differential pairs and is equipped with a schematic symbol editor. Apart from the PCB layouts, KI’s ‘KiCad’ also supports a number of other advanced tools, such as an gantry and a TV screen.