Interior Photography and Exterior design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for Chicago interior photography or exterior photos, Kelly Peloza Photo can meet your needs. As an architectural photographer, Kelly has ten years of experience photographing homes and commercial spaces. Their portfolios include commercial and residential interiors, historical architecture tours, and restaurant interiors. Clients can use these images for a variety of marketing purposes. Achieve unique and eye-catching images by hiring a professional photographer.

A seasoned interior photographer will be able to capture the essence of the space without compromising aesthetics. The work of an interior photographer varies in complexity, from moderately complex to complex. A beautifully styled room may not translate well in a two-dimensional photograph, with small details often getting lost in the background. Staging can restore visual hierarchy. Shooting at night or using natural and ambient light can present challenges. A specialized studio will be able to overcome any challenges presented by the environment and will provide clients with a final product that will be as beautiful as they are.


The process of interior photography is both moderately and complex. A perfectly styled room can be rendered unappealing in a two-dimensional photograph. A perfectly styled room may have lost detail, which may require staging to restore visual hierarchy. Another challenge is shooting at night, when natural light is limited. The lighting is particularly difficult at night, when there are no other lights nearby. The process is more challenging than you think, but it can be highly rewarding.