Interior Design Idea for a Georgian Towngarden

A Georgian townhouse is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a contemporary home. This Grade II listed apartment was built in 1750 and is part of a larger townhouse. It features an open-plan living space, a master bedroom with ensuite, and an outdoor terrace. The property is approximately 1200 square feet and has been beautifully restored. The owners have used the period features while incorporating bold designs and colors, including brass accents and deep dusky tones.

When transforming a Georgian townhouse, be careful to consider the original architectural features. If possible, restore original period features like the fireplaces, cornices, and beams. If possible, use reclaimed original period items, such as the carved wood doors and fireplaces. Using these items will help bring the design scheme together and make the room feel more complete. Take your time, as well as the style of the building, into consideration before you start bringing in modern elements.


You can still enjoy the period aesthetic without overdoing it. The layout of a Georgian house is simple, and its layout and proportions are ideal for blending with modern furnishings. Incorporating the traditional armchairs and table will add warmth to the room. To highlight architectural details, plank the ceiling and leave the beams and rafters wood. A Georgian townhouse is a perfect opportunity to make the most of its period style.


Despite being a time period full of change, the Georgian style still retains its charm, thanks to the restoration efforts of Alice and Harry Matthews. The Gates bought the house in the 1990s, when it was in poor condition and had fittings from the 1960s and 70s. Their son Christopher Vane Percy has spent half a lifetime restoring the ancestral home and has turned it into a contemporary home.


The couple purchased the rambling Georgian townhouse in 2010 and had it restored. They had it completely gutted when they first purchased it, but the interior still has original features. The Gates’ daughter, Amy, and her husband, Christopher, spent half a lifetime restoring the property and converting it to a modern-day home. And now they have the perfect home for the next generation. Its timeless charm makes it a perfect fit for a stylish and functional lifestyle.


Georgian homes have many beautiful details. The front door and windows are often symmetrical, which gives the house an elegant look. In a Georgian townhouse, there is a large front door with a single window on either side. The front door will be on the center of the house, and the front will be square. The interior will likely have a square, grid-like pattern with windows. The front will be symmetrical, and the interior is the same.