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The House of Gold lyrics, written by Twenty One Pilots, are a tangle of emotions. A son must choose between pursuing a career in music and constructing a home for his mother, who is dying. Both decisions are difficult, but the son ultimately chooses his mother. Though he loves his mother, he doesn’t think he will ever find happiness and peace in his new life. The song’s melodic theme is full of emotion and it evokes a deep and heartwarming feeling.

The song’s lyrics are about a girl whose life turned upside down after she found love. A man who gets swept away by the seduction of another woman has the ability to make women fall in love. In the case of house of Gold, that woman is Josh Dun, a former model who tries to seduce another woman. The song was released in 2013 as the third single from his debut album. The band originally recorded the song as a bonus track for his Regional at Best album, but changed his vocal track to reflect the changing times. The music video was released on October 2nd, 2013, and begins with shots of Will Smith’s ranch.

The music video and song are very dark and gloomy. The message behind the lyrics is that the materialistic dreams will lead to death. The music video and the song’s lyrics are in contrast to each other, so listeners may have to listen carefully and choose their favorite. The lyrics are a reminder that materialistic dreams can only last a short while. So, beware of false hopes. When you hear these lines, it is important to remember the lesson.