Home Telecom Expands Its Services With GigaFi

Since 1925, Home Telecom has provided its customers with cutting-edge technologies. Now, this provider has expanded its services to offer GigaFi service to customers throughout the Lowcountry. This type of service is ideal for anyone who needs to stay connected and stream music from their computer. For more information about Home’s GigaFi service, visit hometelecom.com. Let’s get started. What’s GigaFi?

Home has a network of symmetrical fibers in each of its facilities, providing its customers with a fast and reliable internet connection. Their broadband speeds can reach one gigabit per second and are delivered through the latest technology, exceeding the speeds of any other provider. This makes Home’s service ideal for people who need high-speed internet access, but also want to stay connected to their friends and family. This service is affordable, but not free.

In addition to providing a reliable internet connection, Home also provides leasable office space and retail space in a building near downtown Charleston. The company has partnered with Bridge Commercial to help it achieve this. This building will be 5,200 square feet of space, which is flexible enough to serve the needs of one large company or several small businesses. The home telecom team also plans to open a collaborative workspace, Concept, in the building’s basement.

Home Telecom has also been providing business-class internet for more than 20 years. The company has a specialized phone system and offers speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 gigabits per second. This service is known as a specialized service and is separate from best-effort broadband internet traffic. This ensures that it does not interfere with broadband services. Unlike other services, Home does not engage in any application-specific behavior on its network.