Home Team BBQ – Interior Design and Exterior Design

With its acclaimed barbecue, the new Home Team BBQ restaurant is poised to become an iconic landmark in the Five Points area. The restaurant is a collaboration of Columbia-based Studio 2LR and Kirk Construction. A nine-foot by eight-foot James Brown mural, painted by Charleston artist Sean Williams, will grace the inside of the building, complementing the blue sky mural on the building’s exterior. As a result, it will become one of the city’s most iconic restaurants.

The menu at Home Team BBQ will be similar to the Charleston-based concept, with a seasonal focus and a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Customers can expect to find elevated multi-regional barbecue with creative sides and salads. The restaurant will also feature chef-driven daily specials, which will feature local ingredients and trending flavors based on seasonality. The new location will have 70 parking spaces and online ordering.

The full-service barbecue menu focuses on brisket, pork, chicken, vegetables, and more. The chefs are incorporating multicultural influences to expand the culinary repertoire, with Mexican-style taquerias and Korean barbecue popping up across the country. The flavors are evolving and regions are merging. Lamb from the Carolinas is now making its way to Texas, and pork shoulder from Tennessee is finding its way to the South. The new menu is designed to celebrate creativity and to be fun.