The Sound of French House

The sound of French house is influenced by disco and funk. It is a genre with a wide appeal. Some of the earliest producers were Bob Sinclar, Etienne de Crecy, and Nicolas Jaar. These musicians are considered pioneers in the genre. Other influential artists are Tiesto, Jacques Ferlay, and the legendary David Guetta. These producers are also responsible for the sound of the French touch era.

The term “French house” was first used by MTV UK in 1999, during the Christmas holiday season. On the special, ‘French house explosion’ was described and featured artist Bob Sinclar. It aired on all local MTV variations throughout the world and introduced the genre to the mainstream. A few years later, other artists made their mark on the French house scene, and the genre has never really faded. It is now considered one of the most popular forms of electronic music worldwide.

As the genre grows, French house has expanded into different styles. The sound of French house is known for being a hybrid of two distinct music tastes. Its origins are rooted in 70s space disco, as well as Alec R. Costandinos productions. The genre split from Euro disco in 2002, though it kept some of the established “French touch” sound. The sound has been cooled down slightly, but the genre has maintained the recognizable sound.

The genre has spawned many subgenres and is often called nu-disco or disco house in Europe. The term “French touch” was first used in 1996 by Martin James when he reviewed the Super Discount EP by Etienne de Crecy. The term soon gained momentum and began being used in French and UK press, as well as Radio NRJ. The genre has also received much international recognition, making it one of the most sought-after acts at festivals across the world.

The style has a variety of influences. Its earliest roots are in the French disco style. Its most notable precursor, Disco house, is a genre that evolved from the sound of funk in the United States. Its main influence is funk, but there are also influences from Italy and the United Kingdom. While the original French house sound is distinctly French, it has been adopted by many artists and genres around the world.

The sound of French house is a mix of techno and disco. Originally, the style was called disco house. However, the sound became more popular after the 1980s. In the 2000s, the genre was named after Daft Punk, a French dance supergroup. Its members included Benjamin Diamond and DJ Alan Braxe. Their songs were a combination of disco and funk and had a distinctively French sound.