The FlagHouse – Sports Equipment For Children With Physical Challenges

The Flaghouse is an organization dedicated to providing children with physical challenges with the equipment they need to play sports. The organization was founded in 1954 and began by offering sports pennants for fundraisers and booster clubs. In 1962, they expanded their business to include sports equipment for public schools, summer camps and youth organizations. In 1976, FlagHouse moved to New York City to expand their warehouses. By the following year, they had grown to include the distribution of conductive education and positioning furniture.

In 2008, Flaghouse was awarded a contract for athletic supplies. This was the first time such a company had ever received a contract for athletic equipment. The organization also received the rights to market and distribute CATCH, a physical education curriculum that integrates physical fitness, nutritional guidance, and tobacco prevention habits into a single curriculum. The company has partnered with the National Association for Physical Education (NAPE) to develop and implement CATCH, and is the official supplier for the program in New York City.