Beautiful Design Decoration Ideas For Farmhouse Living Room Decor

A modern farmhouse living room has exposed brick and white walls, creating an airy, vintage feel. Traditional furniture and a vintage-style area rug bring an old-world charm to this living room, while contemporary wall hangings lend a more edgy look. A cozy reading nook is an essential part of any farmhouse, so try recreating it in a spare corner of your living room. All you need is a comfy chair, a lamp, and a stack of books.

A simple way to add a country feel to your farmhouse living room decor is to replace your traditional picture frames with vintage ones. Consider changing the frames to be made of rustic wood. Choose dark or light wood, reclaimed wood, or distressed. You can also use photos in various colors and styles, such as black and white or colored. Then, place them on a shelf or on top of the shelves to create a warm, welcoming environment.

The floors in a farmhouse living room are usually wooden, so you should place a large area rug on them. The rug should feel warm and soft under your feet. It will contrast the hardwood floors and blend in with the furniture. Adding a bold black and white script print to the wall is a great way to bring the room together. Likewise, Joanna Gaines often places inspirational quotes on her clients’ walls.

When designing a farmhouse style living room, keep in mind that you’re going for a blend of modern and rustic elements. This style will work best with large windows that allow for plenty of natural light. If you have a window treatment budget, consider using a bamboo shade on the windows or white curtains that reach the ceiling. A wooden rod is a popular choice. When displaying artwork, keep it out of sight. Alternatively, use open baskets to store knick-knacks, souvenirs, and other items.

The coffee table is an essential element of a farmhouse-style living room. The color and style of the table should match the rest of the room. A rustic coffee table may include an old ladder, which you can hang blankets over. You can also build a basic weathered ladder yourself. Reclaimed wood should be sanded before you use it. Another useful piece of decor is a vintage-styled coffee table.

A shiplap wall is a popular style of farmhouse living room decor. Shiplap is a decorative technique in which long horizontal strips of wood are placed in a row. The strips can vary in thickness. A shiplap wall is reminiscent of the wooden panels that line ships. It’s a great way to make a fireplace stand out and add character to a living room. While the style is versatile and easy to implement, it’s best to use neutral-colored paint.