Cross Designs for modern Flooring

Traditionally, crosses were made from wood and metal, though they can also be made of other materials. The most common types of crosses include Celtic and Patriarchal, and are often known as the “Greek” cross. They represent Christ’s death and resurrection, the doctrine of God, and the law. They also symbolize the eternal life and peaceful sleep, which is crucial to the Christian faith. Among the many different cross designs, the most famous is the Everlasting Cross, which originated in Bulgaria.

The Patriarchal cross is a variant of the Patriarchal cross. It was first used by the Anglican Episcopal Church of the United States during World War I, and it became a symbol of the Christian world’s evangelization. In the 1950s, it became the emblem of the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag, and it was used on the state flag of Georgia. Today, the flag of Georgia bears a version of the Templar cross based on the Pizzigano chart.

The Scandinavian cross has a characteristic center shift to the hoist side. It represents the Holy Trinity as well as Jesus. It was first described in the 1748 Danish civil ensign and regulation. The Greek cross, also known as the crucifixus dolorosus, is an older style of cross that originated in ancient Greece. It was used by the Egyptians as a decorative element and was also referred to as the Tetractys (four elements in nature) by the Romans. Its ancestor, Saint Peter, was associated with the crucifixion.